The Bridges of Easton

Everyone loves the free bridge! So this year I made a postcard out of metal ornaments and rule that would mimic this awesome and iconic bridge.

Since the metal type and rule is usually straight, I had to bend the metal rule for the curve of the suspension cables on the bridge.


The sunburst was overprinted in yellow.


The finishing touch was the blue waves for the Delaware River!

photo 3


2014 Datebooks are hot off the press!

These datebooks were printed from modular metal type called Alpha-Blox and a sans-serif called News Gothic. With a weekly layout, each page was printed four times- quite a feat for a treadle-powered Pearl Press!

datebookpages datebooksig

The binding is hand-dyed linen thread and hand-sewn in the coptic style. This produces an interesting braid pattern on the bound edge of the book.

Finished datebooks are available on my etsy shop and at the Easton Farmers’ Market November 9th and 23rd.